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    ACCA Award of Excellence

    ACCA's long-standing Award of Excellence in cardiovascular administration is presented annually by the American Academy of Medical Administrators and the American College of Cardiovascular Administrators (ACCA). This award recognizes a Cardiovascular Administrator who has contributed significantly to the improvement of cardiovascular care and the advancement of cardiovascular administration. Such an individual will have demonstrated outstanding leadership and innovative solutions to the many challenges faced today in the delivery of cardiac care.

    Nomination Process

    • Both self-nominations and nominations by others are acceptable
    • Nominations are due October 3rd
    • Nominations require completion of AAMA's online Nomination Form
    • Candidates will be notified of the final selection in October 16th

    Award Criteria

    • 5 years' experience related to cardiovascular leadership
    • Current ACCA/AAMA membership
    • Current responsibility of leading a cardiovascular team. All levels of leadership are acceptable. For example, candidates may lead an entire cardiac service product line or a department/program within a cardiac delivery system.
    • Recently retired members meeting these criteria will be considered for this award.

    Nominations must address the five (5) core competencies of cardiovascular leadership.

    Core Competencies

    Demonstrates ability to lead organizations, physicians, colleagues and/or staff to improve the overall healthcare process and the experience for the patient and family seeking cardiac care. Focuses on strategic long-range view, as well as immediate operational needs of the organization. Mentors others in the organization to develop strong leadership skills.

    Demonstrates ability to develop new methods of delivering health care that result in greater efficiency for the overall organization, or result in a more positive patient care experience.Involvement: Is committed not only to the organization for which they work, but also to organizations that contribute to the well-being of the community.

    Possesses a strong understanding of the cardiovascular healthcare world, as well as the administrative knowledge needed to direct a cardiovascular team. Shares this knowledge with their organization, ACCA, and other health-related organizations.

    Demonstrates ethical behavior and strives for excellence. Is a continual learner and demonstrates the willingness to improve oneself through educational experiences. Stays abreast of changes in their field through continuing education and participation in professional organizations.

    Recognition of Recipient

    The recipient will be recognized by ACCA leadership at the AAMA Annual Conference, in AAMA/ACCA publications, and on our website.

    Past Recipients*

    2014 Richard Lundy
    2013 R. Kyle Kramer
    2012 Kathy Miller
    2011 Karen A. Rago
    2010 C. Ross Berry
    2009 Martha C. Taylor
    2008  Christopher L. LaCoe
    2007 Renee L. Mazeroll
    2006 Linda R. Larin
    2005 Roger S. Newton, Ph.D
    2004 Richard N. Sarns
    2003 James L. Field, PhD
    2002 Raymond D. Bahr, MDC., M. "Sam" Copeland, Jane Strong
    2001 Gerald V. Naccarelli, MD
    2000 William W. O'Neill, MD
    1999 David L. Hayes, MD
    1997 Douglas P. Zipes, MD
    1996 George A. Beller, MD
    1995 James G. Porterfield, MD
    1994 Anthony N. DeMaria, MD
    1993 Earl K. Shirey, MD

    *From 1993-2005, the award recognized individuals who had demonstrated outstanding lifetime achievements in cardiology which had a profound effect on the quality of patient care in the United States. New criteria were initiated beginning in 2006.