How to take care of your health during an epidemic and where to seek help?


It has changed recently. Many of you may feel lost, confused, scared, nervous, resentful and depressed at this time. It is perfectly normal and understandable that you feel a lot of strong emotions now and you do not agree to everything. It may be even more intense than before, it may be more difficult, you may feel that it is not easy to take. But how not to drown in the thicket of new, often unfavorable information and take care of yourself? We have several suggestions for you that will support your mental health, so that you can survive the time as safely as possible as part of #zostanwdomu.

The first step, which can be a good protection against the vicious cycle of worries, fears and sometimes unnecessary fear, is to limit reading, listening and watching media reports about the current situation. It is good to be aware of current events, but the sources you use are of great importance.

Try to choose websites, programs or social profiles from which you will receive only reliable and verified information. Short messages, devoid of excessive emotions – but full of valuable content, will be enough for you to know the news as much as you need to. On the websites of the Ministry of Health and the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate you will find everything that is worth knowing to be up to date.

Equally important, it’s a good idea to set aside a certain amount of time to check your messages, such as once or twice a day, at the same fixed times. This will allow you to stay calm, minimize stress and not think about the same thing over and over again. Even though things are changing very dynamically now, constantly refreshing the pages for new news will not do you any good. Remember that you can come across fake news on the Internet. Moderation and prudence are the best recipes for maintaining good mental condition.


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