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Federal Day Sessions

    • The Perils of Predicting the Present Patient Safety and Organizational Learning Joint Medical Executive Skills Development Program

Leadership A Difference Window – How to Get People to Want to Do What You Need Done – Another Way of Seeing the Competencies

General Sessions

    • The Art of Leadership


    The Sweeping HIPAA Legislaion and its Repercussions

Leadership Track Sessions

    • Managing Change: Understanding the Demographics of the Evolving Workforce How Medical Administrators Can Meet the HIPAA Challenge The Essence of Leadership – Preparing Your Organization for Tomorrow’s Success

Conflict Management: Positive Impact on Your Productivity and Performance

American College of Cardiovascular Administrators (ACCA) Sessions

    • Evolving Organizational Culture Relative to Cardiovascular Programs Evolving Economic Culture Relative to Cardiovascular Programs Evolving the ACCA: An Organization on the Rise Cardiovascular Medicine in Evolution “Actions Speak Louder than Numbers on a Page – Evolving Marketing: Using Data to Grow the Business Evolving Public Perception: The New Emphasis on Service Quality Evolving the Cardiovascular Services Model: An Examination of the Fully

Integrated Model

American College of Contingency Planners (ACCP) Sessions

    • Planning for the Ultimate Disaster: Lessons Learned in Oklahoma City The Public Health Consequences of Terrorism Interagency Coordination of International Crisis and Emergency Management Federal Response to Domestic Disasters Lessons from Political-Military Planning: A Brief History

Lessons Learned: Case Studies in Recent Crises Precipitated by Natural Disasters in Latin America , the Caribbean, Sierra Leone and Kosovo:

American College of Healthcare Information Administrators (ACHIA) Sessions

    • Emerging Security in Healthcare A Methodology for Structuring HIPAA Compliance Digital Imaging and Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (DIN/PACS) Developing an Effective Disease Management Initiative Getting and Keeping Top IT Talent


American College of Managed Care Administrators (ACMCA) Sessions

    • Increasing Throughput: Applying the Theory of Constraints in Managed Care Exit Strategies: When Survival as an Independent is No Longer Possible New Directions for Change in HealthCare Organizations Quality Reduction Improvements and Cost Reduction Through Provider Profiling — Provider Profiling in High Preference Areas – An Example in Interventional Cardiology Services

Update on TRICARE Senior Prime – The Department of Defense’ Medicare HMO

American College of Oncology Administrators (ACOA) Sessions

    • How to Set Up a Complimentary Medicine Center Day to Day Operational Issues of Managing a Complimentary Medicine Center Complimentary and Alternative Medicine Research

JCAHO Pain Standards and Compliance