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Federal Day Sessions

    • What’s Happening on the Hill? JCAHO Panel Federal Panel Leadership Must Happen at All Levels

Buying a New Cadillac Isn’t What it Used To Be!

General Sessions

    • Leadership Strategies for Success


    Reach for the Stars: Healthcare Trends to Chart Your Course


    • Health Care Today: Managing Both Sides of the Equation Planning and Design for Patient-Focused and Hospitable Architecture How to Be an Effective Negotiator How to Attract and Retain Great Employees

Powerful Tools for Enhancing Communications


    • Special Report: Cardiovascular Services 2010 – Will the Boom Continue? When Two Worlds Collide: Academic Health Center and Community Health System Merger: How Did You Do It? Actions Speak Louder than Numbers on a Page – Using Data to Continually Evaluate and Improve the Business Employees…the Heart and Soul of Your Cardiovascular Program Managing the Introduction of New Technology – Bringing It Through the Front Door

Hot Topics in Cardiovascular Administration

Contingency Planning

    • Are You Really Prepared and Who Can You Rely On? Integrated Medical Disaster Response – A Case Study of the Virginia Response System Leveraging Technology to Support Disaster and Humanitarian Assistance Requirements Working Together – The Coordination Imperative

Open Forum

Healthcare Information

    • Administrative and Technological Approaches to Privacy and Security Transitioning from the Public to the Private Sector Information Management & Healthcare: Consequences for Society The Role of PKI within a HIPAA Environment Mining for Gold

Thin Client Technologies in Health Care

Managed Care

    • ACMCA Business Meeting and The TRICARE Northwest Pilot Project New Laws and Regulations Affecting Health Care for 2001 Rising Drug Costs Performance Based Management Information System Development in Managed Care Contracting: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Demystifying Medicare


    • Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research: Application to Oncology Care Advances in Radiation Therapy Technology Benchmarking to Quality Planning the Future Cancer Center: Brains Before Bricks and Mortar

Genetics and What the Future Will Bring

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