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The American Academy of Medical Administrators was established by volunteers — and grows as a result of our members’ voluntary participation. Take the opportunity to share your skills and creativity by participating in AAMA. Some committees have year-round activity; some require short-term problem solving. All work by convenient, AAMA-supported Telephone Conference Calls (TCC) to use volunteer time more strategically and efficiently. However you would like to participate, there’s an AAMA or specialty group committee, task force, or independent project that will allow you to choose the volunteer opportunity that best fits your schedule and interests. Volunteer Options: review the different options for volunteering including expected time commitment.


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What’s in it for you?

  • Exposure to how others work…proven ideas you can use in your job
  • A personal support network with expertise that otherwise might be difficult to obtain
  • Recognition as a leader who has a commitment to your profession
  • Development of your leadership skills and the ability to meet goals through consensus and persuasion
  • Contacts for career development

AAMA leadership opportunities will bring heightened skills, providing you with a new or renewed sense of professionalism and self-worth.

What’s in it for your employing organization?

  • Opportunities to test new ideas with other professionals before implementation
  • Up-to-date information on key issues that may affect your organization
  • Additions to your personal relationships and contacts for professional problem solving
  • Insights into how Boards and committees work that you can share with your own organization’s leadership

For the very same reasons you nurture and develop future leaders in your employing organization, you should support and participate in AAMA.

What will make you an effective AAMA volunteer?

  • Knowledge relevant to the committee’s or task force’s purpose
  • A dedication to furthering the missions of the AAMA and the healthcare community
  • A desire to develop personal leadership expertise
  • A willingness to learn from others
  • A positive attitude and high degree of flexibility
  • A passion for innovation and new ideas