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Time Commitment

Task forces are “short-term” groups to provide input to important programs or services. These groups typically meet as needed over a 3-4 month period. The goal is quick, efficient, and effective use of limited volunteer time. Task force activities will commence at the appropriate time of year at the call of the chair.

Specialty Groups/Colleges: leader time commitments will vary from group to group.

Volunteer Form


  • Members are needed to help an existing AAMA College, or to start a new group
  • American College of
    • Cardiovascular Administrators (ACCA)
    • Oncology Administrators (ACOA)
    • Contingency Planners (ACCP)
    • Healthcare Information Administrators (ACHIA)
    • Small or Rural Healthcare (ACSRH)
    • Federal Healthcare Administrators (ACFHA)
  • Volunteers will be forwarded to the appropriate specialty group leadership

State Directors

  • Coordinate activities on the state level to recommend and increase the value of involvement for existing members and to attract new members


IT Advisory Task Force

  • Develops and recommends policies regarding the AAMA website
  • Meets by TCC as needed