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Founded in 1957, AAMA is an association of multi-disciplinary healthcare management at all levels, within all types of health organizations by 

  • Developing and refining effective leadership, management concepts, and practices in the field of healthcare administration.
  • Promoting the advancement of members’ knowledge, professional development, credentials and personal achievements through continuing education and research in healthcare management provided by the AAMA Foundation.
  • Providing Colleges that focus on specific specialties of healthcare administration.
  • Establishing a Code of Ethics to guide healthcare leaders in the practice of medical administration.
  • Defining Strategic Initiatives to steer AAMA’s attention and resources


To advance excellence in healthcare leadership through individual relationships, multi-disciplinary interaction, practical business tools and active engagement.


To be the recognized catalyst for inspiring healthcare administrators to advance themselves in positions of leadership.

Volunteer Opportunities

AAMA was established by volunteers — and grows as a result of our members’ voluntary participation. Take the opportunity to share your skills and creativity by participating in AAMA. Investigate the many volunteer opportunities available.

Academy Liaison with Other Organizations

AAMA and our Colleges develop and maintain relations with other healthcare organizations, associations and accrediting bodies, governmental agencies, and corporations serving the healthcare community

Academy Leadership

AAMA Board of Directors

College Leadership

ACCA Board of Directors
Cardiovascular Cardio-pulmonary Respiratory Care 
ACCP Board of Directors Contingency Planning

ACFHA Board of Directors

Federal Healthcare

ACHIA Board of Directors

Healthcare Information

ACOA Board of Directors

ACSRH Board of Directors
Small or Rural Healthcare

ACNA Board of Directors


Contacting the Academy

The Academy’s headquarters is located in the Chicago area, near O’Hare airport. Regular business hours are 8:30 am to 5:00 pm central time, Monday – Friday. Mailing Address:

American Academy of Medical Administrators 330 N Wabash Ave, Suite 2000

Chicago, IL 60611

Phone: 312-321-6815 Fax: 312-673-6705

E-mail: [email protected]


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