AAMA | Strategic Initiatives |


Approved by the Board of Directors
August 2006

MISSION To advance excellence in healthcare leadership through individual relationships, multi-disciplinary interaction, practical business tools and active engagement.

VISION To be the recognized catalyst for inspiring healthcare administrators to advance themselves in positions of leadership. VALUES:  The American Academy of Medical Administrators values…

  • The power of individual relationships to transform members into leaders.
  • Our diverse membership because it offers opportunities to grow personally and professionally.
  • The early, unselfish and active engagement of members in our organization.


Goal 1: Education:  Enhance the competence and productivity of medical administrators through educational opportunities that are practical, relevant, convenient, affordable and fun.

Goal 2: Leadership Development:  Foster professional relationships, respect and support among members and provide experiences and education to develop members’ leadership capacity

Goal 3: Recognition:  Recognize and encourage members’ professional contributions, knowledge and achievements and, through them, enhance the visibility of the Academy and Foundation. 

Goal 4: Brand Identity: Increase the visibility and name recognition of AAMA and our Colleges in the marketplace.

Goal 5: Resources:  Ensure the vitality and strength of AAMA through a sound, growing membership base and resources.