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American College of Small or Rural Healthcare (ACSRH)

Focuses on the special needs and interests of small or rural healthcare organizations.

Benefits of ACSRH Membership

In addition to the benefits of AAMA membership, ACSRH members receive opportunities for specialized education, pertinent information, and connections with your peers in small or rural situations, through:

  • Focused educational sessions at the AAMA Annual Conference
  • Members-only listserve, dedicated to small or rural issues

Top Ten Reasons to Join ACSRH

10. If you already belong to AAMA, it costs you absolutely nothing to join ACSRH!
 9. You want to learn more about rural healthcare, regardless of your reason.
 8. You work at a small healthcare facility of any kind (e.g., Hospital, CAH, SCH, Clinic, RHC, FQHC, Physician Practice, Group Practice, LTC Facility, Home Health Agency, Rehab Center, Dialysis Center).
 7. You work at a rural healthcare facility of any kind.
 6. You currently work in military healthcare, but you plan to transition to a small or rural healthcare organization after your military career. (You may wish to pursue an internship to facilitate this transition).
 5. You grew up in a rural area, and you may go back to a rural area later in your career.
 4. You work at a larger healthcare organization or system, but you practice your specialty in a small or rural facility.
 3. You belong to a specialty College of AAMA, but you practice your specialty in a small or rural facility.
 2. You work in a larger healthcare facility, but you conduct outreach services to a rural area.
 1. Rural healthcare and rural people are “in your heart,” for any reason whatsoever.

ACSRH Board of Directors

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