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As a Strategic Partner, Gain Visibility for Your Company…

through AAMA’s member communications and member recognition programs

  • On the AAMA website and in AAMA publications
  • Complimentary job listings on AAMA JobLink ™
at AAMA Conferences

  • Complimentary exhibit booth at AAMA’s March & Fall conferences
  • Printed acknowledgement in conference brochures
  • Printed acknowledgement in conference workbooks
  • Recognition onsite at each conference
  • Conference Schedule
with a unique influence on AAMA’s educational and corporate sponsorship programs

  • One seat on AAMA Corporate Sponsors Advisory Committee (CSAC)
with special access to AAMA members for your company’s tailored communications

  • Complete roster of registered attendees e-mailed to your contact person 3 weeks prior to each conference
  • Updated roster of registered attendees provided 3 weeks after each conference

For more information on pricing and advantages, Build Connections with an AAMA Strategic Partnership (PDF)

To become an AAMA “Strategic Partner”, contact Renee Schleicher at 847-759-8601.