AAMA | Chairman's Award |


Selected by the Academy’s Chairman of the Board, this award recognizes an individual who has contributed significantly to the strength andĀ  vitality of the Academy and to its service to members.

AAMA Chairman’s Award recipients are not eligible for another award in the same year.

Past Recipients

2009 Dale A Golgart, FAAMA
2008 Renee S Schleicher, CAE
2007 Janet L Jones, FAAMA
2006 Connie U Stenquist, FAAMA
2005 Richard A Harley
2004 Joseph M Spallina
2003 Daniel C Whalen
2002 Hugh C McEwan, CMA
2001 David M Mann
Joan M Taylor-Bird
2000 Thomas E BattlesĀ 
1999 Bernadine E Braithwaite
1998 David L Woodrum
1997 John D Harbaugh
1996 Janice B Babcock
Patricia H Stanfill, RN, MS, MBA
1995 Eugene A Migliaccio, DrPH
1994 Jean T Tashman
1993 James C Reinhardt
1992 Marsha J Fountain
1991 Victor W Hall
1990 Richard A Harley
1989 Jean T Tashman
1988 B H Corum, PhD
1987 Thaddeus F Levandowski
1986 David R Cornell
1985 Richard D O’Hallaron
1984 Jerry Scott, PhD
1983 Richard A Harley
1982 William E Bennett
1981 Ervin C Proschek