AAMA | Richard A Harley Diplomate of the Year Award |


Originally called the Diplomate of the Year Award, this award was renamed in 1994 to honor the Academy’s longtime leader, Chairman Emeritus, Richard A Harley, FAAMA.  This award is presented to the Diplomate whose contributions, in the opinion of a selection committee comprised of former recipients, have best exemplified leadership and excellence in furthering the Academy’s mission.

Selection Criteria

  • Recipient must be an AAMA diplomate in good standing
  • Recipient must have made a significant contribution to the Academy

Award and Recognition

The recipient receives an inscribed award and presentation of the Award at the Academy’s annual conference.

Past Recipients

2009 Alan J. Burgess, CFAAMA, FACHE
2008 S Patrick Alford, CFAAMA
2007 Dale A Golgart, FAAMA
2006 Michael K Petty, FAAMA
2005 John D Harbaugh, FAAMA
2004 Daniel C Whalen, CFAAMA
2003 Joseph T Vocks, Sr, CFAAMA
2002 James G Easter, FAAMA
2001 Hank Chinnery, CFAAMA
2000 Patrick O’ Donovan, FAAMA
1999 Larry Collins, FAAMA
1998 Eugene Nieto, FAAMA
1997 Patrick K Wrenn, FAAMA
1996 Robert D Hoye, PhD, FAAMA
1995 Daniel G West, Jr, PhD, FAAMA
1994 Richard A Harley, FAAMA
J D Gammell, PhD, FAAMA
1993 Thomas O’Donovan, PhD, FAAMA
1992 David Woodrum, FAAMA