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*The AAMA Healthcare Executive of the Year Award was conceived in 2007 resulting from the AAMA Board of Directors decision to merge the Harry Shubin, MD Statesman in Healthcare Administration (view past recipients) and William Newcomer Healthcare Executive of the Year Awards (view past recipients) into a single executive-level award to provide enhanced visibility and recognition of recipients’ extraordinary contributions. The inaugural recipient of the award will be announced in mid-August 2007. Past Recipients
Recognizes nominated members or non-members who, in at least 20 years of service to the healthcare field, have made a significant innovative contribution to healthcare delivery.

2006 William H Lyerly, Jr, FAAMA, FACCP
2005 Eugene A Migliaccio, DrPH
2004 Michael A Petrochuk, PhD
Edward A Smith, Jr
2003 YC Parris
2002 Patricia H Stanfill-Edens, RN, MBA
2001 Jerry T Anderson Arthur Porter

Paul Walter

2000 Michael L Cowan
Thomas R Defibaugh
1999 Daniel P DeGracia
Arthur S Hamerschlag
1998 Nicholas Bacon Thomas E Battles Douglas W Miller

H Dieter Zimmer

1997 R Bernard Chapman, Jr Eugene J Nieto

John R Rumbaugh

1996 S Todd Fisher
James C Reinhardt
1995 Thomas M Driskill, Jr
Michael J Vintges
>1994 William E Bennett Charles S Lauer Daniel J Rissing

Gerald A Strand, PhD

1993 David D’Eramo, PhD
James A Zimble, MD
1992 Frederick L Brown Edward J Connors Charles E Ehredt Robert E Hoye, PhD

Carolyn C Roberts

1991 Sr Patricia Clare Sullivan, RSM
1990 Eugene William Arnett
A Diane Moeller
1989 Harold E Hughes, Govenor of Iowa
1988 William J Clegg, Jr Harry Shubin, MD

Benjamin Rodin

1987 John C McCabe
Joseph Song, MD