AAMA State Director of the Year

State Director of the Year

Recognizes a State Director for special services to the Academy; through exceptional fulfillment of the responsibilities of a State Director as designated by the Board of Directors. Selection made by AAMA Awards Committee.

Selection Criteria

  • Membership recruitment (i.e., made a reasonable attempt with some success)

  • Membership retention (i.e., unpaid member followup)
  • Preparation of State Director Reports for Regional Director on a timely basis
  • Attendance at the Annual Conference and Annual Regional and State Directors’ breakfast meeting; promoted Annual Conference attendance to Academy members
  • Organization of at least one meeting per year with state members, possibly at the time of state hospital association’s annual convention
  • Organization of at least one area educational conference, possibly as cosponsor with the Academy office
  • Support and promotion of AAMA conferences held in his/her state

Nomination Form

Award and Recognition

The recipient receives an inscribed plaque and presentation of the Award at the Academy’s annual conference.

Past Recipients

2005 Gary L. Baker
2004 Christopher S. Upton, AIA
2003 John J. Mammano
2002 Connie U. Stenquist
2001 Amanda C. Goble
2000 Michael L. Vineyard
1999 James G. Easter
1998 Patrick G. O’Donovan
John F. Andrews
1997 Arthur W. Casper
1996 Jerald Ulmer
1995 Michael D. O’Donnell, PhD
1994 Mark D. Gustin
1993 Judith K. Pritt
1992 William J. Lambert, Jr., DPA
1991 Arthur X. Deegan II, PhD
1990 B. H. Corum, PhD
1989 Janice B. Babcock
1988 Eugene J. Nieto
1987 Sandra J. Launey
1986 Jo A. Dvorak
1985 Thomas E. Battles
1984 Thomas J. Wall, Jr.
1983 Nancy Taylor
1982 Martha K. Pechnyo
1981 Edward J. Galloway
1980 Jack M. Graves