AAMA Executive Summer 2004


Avian Flu in Humans: The challenge of Preventing a Pandemic
By: Jacquelyn Jeffrey

       Deryl E. Gulliford, PhD, FAAMA, FACCA

       Diplomate in Healthcare Administration 

Electronic Medical Records: The Future is Now

By: E. Sonny Butler, PhD, FAAMA       Diplomate in Healthcare Administration

      Charles J. Latham III, CMPE, CCP

The Birth of the NCA Multi-Service Market Office
By: Lawanda D. Warthen, PhD

High Occupancy Buildings: Are You Vulnerable?
By: Thomas D. Yancoskie, FAAMA

Terrorism and Disaster Management: Preparing Healthcare Leaders for the New Reality

Editor: K. Joanne McGlown RN, PhD Reviewed by: William J. Lambert, Jr., DPA, FAAMA                     Diplomate in Healthcare Administration

                    Sara J. Salk, RN, BSH

Positive Leadership in Health Care: Building on Strengths, Managing Around Weaknesses

Editors: Wesley Curry

            Barbara J. Linney, MA

Reviewed by: Pat Stanfill-Edens, RN, MS, MBA, FAAMA

                    Diplomate in Healthcare Administration

Ten Powerful Ideas for Improving Patient Care: What Every Healthcare Executive Should Know
Authors: James L. Reinertsen, MD
             Wim Schellekens, MD
Reviewed by: LT Shekinah L. Magee, MPA

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