AAMA Executive Spring 2004

AAMA Executive – Spring 2004

Understanding The US Medical Malpractice Crisis By Dawn Atkins, HIT

     Deryl Gulliford, PhD, FAAMA, FACCA

The Next Level of Distributed Learning:
The Introduction of the Personal Digital Assistant By Robert R. McKenney, PhD, FAAMA

Improving Managed Care Contract Performance
By Cheryl L. Brooks, MSA, FAAMA 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Electronic Health Records 
By Lori E. Gurley, BS, BA

Essentials of Medical Management Author: W. Curry

            B.J. Linney

The Wisdom of Top Health Care CEOs
Authors: Scott B. Ransom, DO, MBA, MPH

The Governance Factor, 33 Keys to Success in Healthcare
Author: Errol L. Biggs, PhD, FACHE

Thinking Forward: Six Strategies for Highly Successful Organizations
Authors: John R. Griffith, MBA, FACHE              Kenneth R. White, PhD, FACHE

             Patricia, Cahill, JD

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