AAMA Executive Fall 2003

AAMA Executive – Spring 2005

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In Search of Affordable Health Care: Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), Are They the Solution?
By: Lt Col Rachel Lefebvre, MBA, MSHA, CFAAMA

Compliance with Stark II Phase II: A Hospital Perspective
By: Cheryl L. Brooks, MSA, CFAAMA

Case Study: Controlling Medical Training Costs While Maintaining Employee Qualifications and Readiness
By: LT Kevin R. Williams, MSC, USN, CFAAMA

Aging and Health Care
By: CDR Michael J. Holdridge, MSC, USNR, FAAMA

Book Reviews

Health Care Economics, Sixth Edition
Author: Paul J. Feldstein

Will the Last Physician in America Please Turn Off the Lights?
Authors: James Merrit              Joseph Hawkins

             Phillip Miller

Achieving Safe and Reliable Healthcare: Strategies and Solutions Authors: Michael Leonard, MD

             Allan Frankel, MD

Saving Lives and Saving Money: Transforming Health and Healthcare Author: Newt Gringrich with             Dana Pavey and

            Anne Woodbury

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