AAMA Executive Summer 2003

AAMA Executive – Summer 2003

Aligning the Stars: The Essential Act of Dialogue Within Senior Healthcare Teams
By Lawrence Levin, PhD

From The Easier Said Than Done Department
Fifteen Daily Disciplines  
By Philip L. Ronning

Eradicating Low Health Literach: The First Public Health Movement of the 21st Century
By Partnership for Clear Health  

AAMA Membership Survey Points to the Importance of Workflow Redesign when Implementing Information Technology Systems
Marie Weissman, MSW, MBA

Where Have We Failed? A Systematic Analysis of U.S. Health Care
Author: Roger K. Howe, MD, MMM

From Chaos to Coherence: The Power to Change Performance
Author: William S. Hubbartt

Executive Compensation: Guidelines for Healthcare Leaders and Trustees
Author: Thomas P. Flannery

Financial Strategy for Managed Care Organizations Author: Charles William Wrightson, Jr.

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