AAMA | Gain-1 Tips |


E-mail a link to AAMA’s website (www.aameda.org) to someone you think may benefit from AAMA membership.  AAMA is made up of many facets of healthcare administration leaders from diverse specialties, experience, education, positions and work settings!  Remember, a minimum of a bachelor’s degree or the equivalent in work experience is required to join. Tell one new colleague about AAMA at each professional function you attend.

Assemble a list of colleagues who are eligible to join, but are not yet members.  If you are unsure if someone is already a member, check the online membership directory, or simply email [email protected]

Send a membership brochure and application to the potential new member’s work or home.  Don’t forget to write your name on the sponsorship line!

Share your positive AAMA experiences during a coffee break or send a personal e-mail inviting them to join.

Forward them a copy of the AAMA Executive Online bi-monthly electronic publication.