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Where Do I Start?

Contact your prospects about membership
Call and tell them about AAMA’s member benefits.  You are AAMA’s best recruiter!  Email them a copy of AAMA’s membership brochure. Tell them about: 

EduLink, with access to over 2000 on-demand courses and live webinars,
Vital Link™ listservs that pertain specifically to their interest areas, and the online directory,
JobLink, AAMA’s job listing service, helping employees and employers target their search in the healthcare administration field, AAMA Conferences, 

AAMA Executive Online, the bi-monthly electronic publication with peer-reviewed articles.  

Reach outside the box.  Every time you visit a Healthcare provider take a membership application with you.  Give it to the provider so they can help their administrators better serve the practice.


If you are a guest speaker at a university or professional event, or an exhibitor at a professional event, you may contact Academy Headquarters [email protected] to obtain member applications and brochures.  We will code the applications to ensure that you get the credit you deserve. (Allow two weeks for coding and mailing).

Do you know a potential Conference Exhibitor?  Do you have any clients or vendors who would benefit from academy-wide exposure as a Strategic Partner?   Go to “For Our Corporate Partners” or call 847/759-8601.

Where Do I Start
Tips for Encouraging Colleagues to Join
Official GAIN-1 Rules 
Gain-1 Sample Letter (PDF)
New Member Brochure (PDF)