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In 2013, it’s more than member-get-a-member.

In 2013, GAIN 1 rewards member initiative in recruiting Conference Exhibitors and Strategic Partners.

In 2013, the reward is an AAMA GAIN 1 coupon, valued at $20.00.

Coupons may be used toward dues payments, or conference or webinar registration fees. Multiple coupons can be combined. All coupons expire on December 31, 2013, and are not transferable. See details on coupon redemption.


AAMA Members will be rewarded for EVERY member they recruit – no drawings, no prizes.  In 2013, your reward is an AAMA GAIN 1 coupon, worth $20.00 – and everyone is a winner.

The members recruited GAIN access to a network of professional healthcare administration colleagues, for assistance with the questions and challenges they face everyday. They GAIN access to AAMA’s cutting-edge education and information updates through conferences, webinars, and Executive Online articles. They have opportunities for recognition through exam-based and experienced-based credentials.

As in the past, AAMA’s top member recruiter will be recognized at the 2013 AAMA Annual Conference in Las Vegas, NV.

Connect your professional colleagues to AAMA – help give them a step up in their careers!

Member-Get-an-Exhibitor or Strategic Partner

AAMA Members will also be rewarded for soliciting new conference exhibitors and new Strategic Partners. If your efforts result in a signed contract and payment, you’ll be awarded THREE coupons for new conference exhibitors and FIVE coupons for new Strategic Partners. Do you know vendors or clients who would GAIN by exposure to AAMA members? If you want to solicit corporate support for AAMA, let us know what organization you are contacting. We’ll send you information about the benefits and requirements of these opportunities and work with you to “close the deal.”

See the 2013 GAIN 1 Rules for obtaining and using GAIN 1 coupons.

We hope many members participate in our 2013 GAIN 1 program. Together we’ll GAIN 1 for the Academy; GAIN 1 to strengthen the AAMA network, which benefits all members; GAIN 1 for your new member colleague, who will benefit from AAMA’s network of respected professionals, educational programs and recognized credentials; GAIN Academy-wide exposure for new exhibitors and Strategic Partners; and GAIN something for you. Our best recruiter is . . . the AAMA Member!

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Official GAIN-1 Rules 
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