CAAMA ReCredential

Maintaining Your CAAMA

Continuing professional development activities are essential to enable healthcare executives to stay current with the rapidly changing healthcare environment. Recredentialing illustrates initiative and ongoing commitment to the profession of healthcare administration. To continue using the CAAMA designation, evidence must be provided of continuing involvement in professional development activities.

To retain the Credentialed member, American Academy of Medical Administrators (CAAMA) designation:

  • Accumulate 30 Professional Points every three years
  • Maintain AAMA membership
  • Submit a completed CAAMA Recredentialing Application
  • Submit $125 Recredentialling fee.

Professional Points may be earned in any of the following areas:

  • Education
  • Service
  • Employment

Procedures to Recredential

AAMA will mail notices to all CAAMAs reminding them of currency requirements. Three years after the CAAMA designation has been earned, CAAMAs will be notified by letter they must recredential. The CAAMA Recredentialing Report Form will be mailed to those who must fulfill the commitment to earn points to continue using the CAAMA designation. 

Download Recredentialing Fact Sheet (PDF includes listing of Professional Points)

Download CAAMA Recredentialing Application & Point form (PDF)

FAQS about CAAMA Recredentialing

For CAAMA Members: Questions Answered about Recredentialing

Recredentailing Made More Flexible

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