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In response to our member’s needs and desires, you have several choices when it comes to taking the CAAMA examination. You may take the examination in either a computer-based or paper format. Examinations are made up of 150 Multiple Choice and True/False questions.

The computer-based format is scheduled via the online exam application, and can be taken at a location of your choice. This examination requires an approved proctor or administration by your Education/Testing or Human Resources department. The key benefits of taking the computer-based examination are:

  • No travel required
  • Schedule at your convenience
  • Faster results
  • Take the exam in your own environment

The paper format examination is scheduled via the paper exam application, and can be taken at your location with a proctor, at an AAMA conference or meeting, at your Education/Testing or Human Resources department, or at AAMA’s office in Des Plaines, Illinois.

Dates and proctors must be approved by AAMA before your registration will be accepted.

Direct questions to Julia Meyer, the Academy’s Education Coordinator, at 847-759-8601.

For those interested in taking the CAAMA Exam at an upcoming AAMA Conference: Please check the current Conference Schedule