Advance to Diplomate

Advance to Diplomate

The status of Diplomate is available only to Fellows in the American Academy of Medical Administrators. Being a “Diplomate in Healthcare Administration” is not an award or membership category. It is an honor  bestowed on an individual to indicate the achievement of true excellence within the field of healthcare administration.

Fellows may advance to Diplomate status after one year, if they: 

  • Complete a Fellow Project (thesis of graduate school quality OR three case studies) if not previously submitted for Fellow advancement


  • Document 35 points from formal or continuing education and organizational service if they have previously submitted a Fellow project


  • A combination of case studies and points

Other requirements:

  • See AAMA Application for Advancement for full details
  • $200 advancement fee
  • Attendance at two AAMA Annual Conferences within the past seven years (may include conference at which candidate is to advance)

Detailed advancement criteria available. Download the AAMA Advancement Application/Personal Achievement Documentation. 

If you prefer a mailed or faxed copy, e-mail [email protected]

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