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The following general information is intended to provide the candidate with fundamental information on how to prepare for the examination. The examination is comprised of one hundred fifty (150) objective questions that test the candidate’s awareness of the Body of Knowledge.

Examination results will be reported on a pass/fail basis only.

The examination is based on one’s understanding of the basic body of knowledge, skills, and values relevant to healthcare administration, as defined by the Accrediting Commission on Education for Health Service Administration (ACEHSA). Such information and learning can be achieved from work experience, reading, professional associations, and formal academic education.

Consideration is given to the eight ACEHSA areas outlined below in the development of the credentialing examination.

  1. Assessment and understanding of the health status of populations, determinants of health and illness, and factors influencing the use of health services.
  2. Understanding of the organization, financing, and delivery of health services, drawing on the social science disciplines (broadly defined to include economics, law, political science, psychology, sociology, and related disciplines).
  3. Understanding of, and development of skills in, economic, financial, policy, and quantitative analysis.
  4. Understanding of the values and ethical issues associated with the practice of health services administration, and the development of skills in ethical analysis.
  5. Understanding of, and development of skills in, positioning organizations favorably in the environment and managing these organizations for continued effectiveness.
  6. Understanding of leadership creativity and communication skill development.
  7. Understanding of, and development of skills in, the management of human resources, information systems, and capital.
  8. Understanding of, and development of skills in, methods for assessing overall organizational performance and, in particular, assuring quality of services provided.

Study Guides Available

The exam is based on reading material found in the study guides listed below:

Baylor Study Guide (PDF)

AAMA Study Guide (PDF)
(includes sample multiple choice questions and suggested reading materials)