Specialty Groups — Oncology

American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer  (ACOS-CoC) Liaison Report

Those CoC programs not scheduled for survey in 2004 are required to complete the “Annual Update” program information on specific Standards through the SAR during the period of July 1- September 30, 2004.  As a means to alleviate the need for repetitive data entry every three years in preparation for survey, the “Annual Update” process was developed as part of the Cancer Program Standards 2004.  If your program did not receive notice of the update by e-mail or you have questions regarding the process, send a note to [email protected]

The ACoS-CoC Report was prepared by ACOA/ACoS-CoC liaison, Jeannie O’Leary.  Her role as liaison is to enhance our relationship and collaboration by providing a forum for the exchange of ideas, initiatives, critical issues, and actions that impact cancer care, data collection, and research.  We have the opportunity to bring matters of importance for ACOA to the CoC, as well as communicate CoC activities to the ACOA.  If you have input on particular issues regarding credentialing and ACoS standards, please contact Jeannie O’Leary