American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer  (ACOS-CoC) Liaison Report

CoC-approved facilities that have submitted 2003 data to the National Cancer Data Base (NCDB) now have their Site by Stage report posted to the Facility Information Profile System (FIPS).  Each facility has the option to release this data to the American Cancer Society and have it shared with the public.  This is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of free marketing.  If a facility chooses not to release this data, it must notify the CoC.  To see your facility’s data as it is viewed by the public, visit the CoC Hospital Locator on the ACS Web site at http://www.cancer.org/as/search/ftc/ftc_global.asp. For further information on this topic or other CoC activities, log on to http://www.facs.org.

The ACoS-CoC Report was prepared by ACOA/ACoS-CoC liaison, Jeannie O’Leary.  Her role as liaison is to enhance our relationship and collaboration by providing a forum for the exchange of ideas, initiatives, critical issues, and actions that impact cancer care, data collection, and research.  We have the opportunity to bring matters of importance for ACOA to the CoC, as well as communicate CoC activities to the ACOA.  If you have input on particular issues regarding credentialing and ACoS standards, please contact Jeannie O’Leary.