ACOS – Commission on Cancer Update


The Commission on Cancer (CoC) has released the revised 2004 Cancer Program Standards, which are available electronically or by a hard copy for purchase for $30 on their website (PDF).  All programs being surveyed in 2006 will be measured by the newly revised standards with individualization of many of the standards for Veterans Hospitals, pediatric cancer programs, and NCI programs. Also available on the CoC’s web is a summary of their 2005 key accomplishments. One area that is a focus for discussion by the surveyors in 2006 is the CoC’s release of comparative information to assess local utilization of adjuvant chemotherapy following the resection of Stage III colon cancer.  This report supports the surveyors’ efforts to promote standards of care for quality, multi-disciplinary cancer care delivered at the local level.  This data is available on the CoC’s website for Cancer Liaison Physicians, Cancer Program Chairs and tumor registry.