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OPPS Brachytherapy C Codes

In addition to the Level 1 HCPCS codes (aka, CPT codes), hospitals also have to be certain that national Level 2 HCPCS codes are updated to the Charge Description Master (CDM). A subset of these Level 2 codes include ‘C’ codes that are reported for the radioactive source used for outpatient radiation therapy.


Brachytherapy source, Gold 198, per source


Brachytherapy source, High Dose Rate Iridium 192, per source


Brachytherapy source, Iodine 125, per source


Brachytherapy source, Palladium 103, per source


Brachytherapy source, Yttrium-90, per source


Brachytherapy solution, Iodine125, per mCi


Brachytherapy source, Cesium-131, per source

C2634 Brachytherapy source, High Activity, Iodine-125, greater than 1.01 mCi (NIST), per source  

Brachytherapy linear source, Palladium-103, per 1MM

In addition to the codes for the sources, there are codes to capture the number of needles and catheters used (i.e., C1728, C1715).  While these particular codes do not result in additional reimbursement, CMS will use them for tracking to determine if payment for related APCs needs to be increased in the future.

For additional information, see: http://www.cms.hhs.gov

Watch for more 2005 coding changes in the upcoming months.  Review previous Coding and Reimbursement Updates from the Academy’s Website.

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