September/October 2002

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This issue of the Journal of Oncology Management focuses on screening and community outreach.  We all appreciate the importance of screening and community outreach has in the education and early detection of cancer.  Screening and community outreach not only can save lives, but with earlier detection, we can strive to improve the quality of life for those with cancer and their families who provide support.  

At a time when we find our national economy gaining strength and as we continue to see increased stress on hospital revenues and cancer program budgets, we are witnessing hospital cutbacks or elimination of funds to support healthcare screening and community education of all types.  Many fail to realize that successfully planned, organized, and executed screening and community education programs that are coordinated with physician practices provide both the community and the cancer program with important benefits.

The challenge to all cancer program professionals is to find new and creative methods to fund screening and community outreach programs, and to make these funds an annual priority in cancer program budgets.  

As our knowledge in the field of genomics grows, we will have new tools in the battle to diagnose, treat, and cure cancer. These tools will revolutionize our approaches to cancer screening, education, and detection. In the meantime, we will have to rely on currently available tools, a strong ambition and commitment to our communities and at risk population groups, and a recognition that as leaders in the field, screening, and community outreach, detection, and education are priorities second to none among our quality and economic goals.

On behalf of the ACOA board, I welcome you to join us in Boston this November as we discuss contemporary issues and solutions in cancer program and oncology practice management.

Joseph M. Spallina, FAAMA, FACHE President

American College of Oncology Administrators
[email protected]