Contingency Planning

Specialty Groups — Contingency Planning

American College of Contingency Planners (ACCP)…

serves AAMA members at all planning levels in healthcare institutions, governmental agencies, private business and private and volunteer organizations. The ACCP provides a forum for the collegial exchange of ideas, studies topics of mutual interest in the contingency, disaster, and emergency response arena, and prepares these planners and executives to succeed in this demanding and rapidly changing environment.

The mission of the ACCP is to promote the advancement of its members’ professional standing, education, and personal achievement in healthcare contingency, disaster, and emergency response planning, research, program development within the contingency planning fields, and networking.

ACCP develops programs to assist members to:

  • Enhance professional identification, recognition and esteem

  • Develop peer, mentor and liaison relationships

  • Increase networking contacts

  • Participate in continuing education programs, presentations and publications

  • Contribute and develop leadership talents through a variety of elected and appointed Board and committee opportunities

  • Achieve recognition through AAMA awards for special accomplishments and outstanding service

ACCP Serves the Profession by

Providing opportunities for specialized education & information

  • Contingency Planning Concurrent Sessions at the Annual Conference

Identifying Leadership Contacts

ACCP, founded in 1998 as a national college of the American Academy of Medical Administrators (AAMA), is a professional healthcare organization focused on providing support and opportunity for those individuals who are in healthcare planning positions in contingency, emergency, and disaster response.