The American College of Cardiovascular Administrators (ACCA), a college founded in 1986 as a national chapter of the American Academy of Medical Administrators (AAMA), is a professional healthcare organization for cardiovascular, cardiopulmonary and respiratory care administrators and managers. The purpose is to bring together all components of cardiology management to develop quality educational programs, provide sound evaluation mechanisms, assist in response to national issues, and foster a climate of formal and informal exchange of information among members.

The ACCA has focused on providing support and opportunity to all levels of management in the cardiovascular, cardiopulmonary, and respiratory field. Cardiovascular/cardiopulmonary managers are in the need of developmental opportunities; personal/professional advancement, credentialing, technical knowledge, and fellowship that can be made available through the development of a professional association, focused education, and research in cardiovascular, cardiopulmonary, and respiratory management.

Membership Eligibility & Advancement Opportunities

In order to qualify for membership in the ACCA chapter, the applicant must be currently employed as a manager of professionals who provide cardiovascular, cardiopulmonary, or respiratory healthcare. Dues for ACCA are included in the AAMA dues. Nominee dues are $140 annually. Member and Fellow dues are $175 annually.

An Associate affiliate category of membership is available to those who do not meet the criteria of membership. The annual dues for Associate affiliate are $50. These affiliates cannot vote or hold office but will receive all mailings of AAMA and ACCA including the Journal of Cardiovascular Management.

Nominees are eligible to advance to Member after meeting the appropriate criteria. In addition, they must have held a management position in cardiology for a minimum of two years. After four years, advancement to Fellow will occur upon completion of a Fellowship project or indication of other professional achievements. Members can earn Fellowship in both ACCA and AAMA.

Diplomate in Healthcare Administration status can be earned by Academy Fellows by meeting specified criteria of excellence in the healthcare field and in service to the Academy.

Receive verified prominence through advancement from Nominee to Member to Fellow in both AAMA and ACCA as credentialing requirements are met Enhance professional identification, recognition and esteem

Develop peer, mentor and liaison relationships as well as increase networking contacts

Participate in continuing educational programs, presentations, and publications

Contribute leadership talents as elected Board members or Regional Directors and as appointed committee members or State Directors

Be eligible for numerous AAMA and ACCA awards for special achievements and outstanding services

Receive career assistance from an employee referral program

Receive a complimentary subscription to the Journal of Cardiovascular Management, the of final journal of the ACCA, and receive the bi-monthly publication of the AAMA entitled the Executive, as well as a 40% discount on all AAMA and ACCA educational programs.

Mission & Role of ACCA

The mission of ACCA is to develop and refine concepts and practices in the field of cardiology healthcare administration and to promote the advancement of its members in knowledge, professional development, credentialing, and personal achievements through continuing education and research in healthcare management.

The role of ACCA is to serve our membership at all management levels in all types of healthcare institutions. We will provide a forum for the discussion and study of topics of mutual interest among cardiology/cardiopulmonary/respiratory professionals and prepare these managers and executives to effectively contribute to the management of rapidly changing institutions within the healthcare system.

Continuing Education

AAMA and ACCA will present national, regional, and local educational conferences and seminars throughout the United States each year. All programs are accredited for CEUs by the American Academy of Medical Administrators Research and Educational Foundation, Inc.

ACCA Background

The American College of Cardiovascular Administrators’ chapter (ACCA) was founded in 1986 and is a professional organization of those individuals who are in management positions in cardiovascular/cardiopulmonary medicine. ACCA is a national chapter of the American Academy of Medical Administrators which is a professional association representing healthcare managers and executives worldwide.

This association of the ACCA chapter, under the AAMA umbrella, provides for a strong commitment in the growth and professionalism of the ACCA chapter members.

AAMA Background

The American Academy of Medical Administrators was founded in Boston, Massachusetts on August 2O, 1957. The original purpose continues today to maximize quality patient care in a cost effective manner. The charter signators were executives in healthcare administration. A major part of the Academy’s approach is based on the belief that middle management and upper management need to work together. Therefore, our membership continues to attract all levels of healthcare management.

ACCA Annual Awards

President`s Award

Distinguished Service Award

Regional Director of the Year

State Director of the Year

Metropolitan Director of the Year

Nycomed Award for Excellence

Special Recognition Award

Writer’s Award

AAMA Annual Awards

The following awards are granted each year to Academy affiliates, including members of the ACCA, based on nominations from the membership:

Healthcare Executive of the Year

Statesman in Healthcare Administration

Honorary Fellowships for outstanding contribution to the healthcare field

Charles U. Letourneau Award, sponsored by the Marriott
Corporation, as the Student Research Paper of the Year

Marriott Healthcare Services Faculty Publication of the Year

Regional Director of the Year

State Director of the Year

Chairman’s Award for special achievements

Distinguished Service Award to Fellows and Members
who have provided outstanding service to the Academy

Richard A. Harley Diplomate of the Year Award to Diplomates who
have provided distinguished service to the Academy and its membership