Membership Services

The American College of Oncology Administrators (ACOA), a college founded in 1991 as a national chapter of the American Academy of Medical Administrators (AAMA), is a professional healthcare association for oncology administrators in all settings including hospitals, universities and freestanding centers. The purpose is to bring together all components of oncology management to develop creative strategies, quality educational programs and sound evaluation mechanisms.

Benefits of Membership

The opportunities in and benefits of membership are numerous:

  • Credentialing
  • Enhance professional identification, recognition, and esteem
  • Develop peer, mentor, and liaison relationships as well as increased networking opportunities
  • Participate in continuing education programs, presentations, and publications
  • Contribute leadership talents as elected Board members and committee members
  • Be an advocate for and provide input into important legislative actions that impact oncology programs, patients and providers
  • Be eligible for numerous AAMA and ACOA awards for special achievements and outstanding services
  • Receive career assistance from an employment referral program
  • Receive a subscription to the official publication of ACOA, the Journal of Oncology Management, and the AAMA Executive
  • Receive a tuition discount on all ACOA and AAMA educational programs

Philosophy of ACOA

We believe health services management should provide an environment for delivering the optimum level of patient care with dignity and human concern We believe ACOA must maintain a high level of social consciousness and involvement with the social, economic, and pragmatic aspects of healthcare delivery in the interests of providers, consumers and the general public.

We take pride in being a national chapter of the American Academy of Medical Administrators, and we believe that service to our membership is our central focus and we shall provide services that meet the individual needs of our affiliates.

Mission of ACOA

The mission of ACOA is to promote the advancement of its members’ professional standing, education and personal achievement in oncology management, research, strategic planning, program development and networking.

Continuing Education

Each year, ACOA offers two day symposia bringing together carefully selected faculty to discuss current issues and concerns facing oncology administrators. These are accredited for CEUs by the American Academy of Medical Administrators Research and Educational Foundation, Inc.