How to prevent addiction


An addiction is a strong compulsion to perform an activity or take psychoactive substances. Taking drugs, drinking alcohol or swallowing handfuls of drugs change the state of consciousness and allow you to forget about problems, pain, despair or emotions for a moment. But not for long. Difficulties come back with redoubled strength. Long-term anesthetic behaviors and stimulants lead to addiction, which is a disease. Have you ever wondered how not to get caught up in an addiction?

How to prevent addiction
The number of drugs that change the state of consciousness is constantly growing. They include, among others legal highs, alcohol, drugs or drugs, but also various chemical inventions emerging like mushrooms after rain, difficult to classify. The statistics on drugs are terrifying. The Report on the State of Drug Addiction in Poland 2018 * shows that “according to data from population studies, the percentage of people who have had contact with drugs in the last year is 18 times higher than the percentage of people who have contact with alcohol.”

Do people who use drugs reflect beforehand how easy it is to get addicted? Or how to prevent addiction before it’s too late? And are they sure they want to take the first step for a temporary high, to wake up in a while without money, family and real life, begging at the station? Consider how to prevent addiction. And if you are concerned about your drinking, read Am I an Alcoholic.


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