Tips for Stopping Smoking


Never convince yourself that you can quit smoking at any time. Better say to yourself, “It’s not easy to stop smoking, but I want and can do it,” and consolidate that belief. Then, accidentally lighting a cigarette, e.g. in a situation of deep stress, will not raise so many doubts about your strength of character as to undermine the decision made once. Most smokers stopped smoking for good after a few tries.

Before you decide to quit smoking, wrap your cigarette packet in Christmas wrapping paper to make it look like a Christmas present. When you want to smoke, unpack the parcel of paper and on its edge describe what you are doing at that moment, what you are feeling and why lighting a cigarette is so important to you now. Do this with each pack of cigarettes for the next two weeks until you are convinced that you already know why and in what situations you smoke most often.

  • Then try to summarize – preferably in writing – why, in what situations and with whom you usually do it, and think about how to otherwise meet your needs.
  • Also, try to make a list of reasons why you would like to quit smoking. Take into account your health and the health of your family, the economic costs of smoking, consider whether you are not hurting your loved ones while smoking, whether they pay attention to the unpleasant smell of your clothes and the sight of yellowed fingers. One week before making a decision to stop smoking, read this list every night before you go to bed.
  • Do not empty cigarette ashtrays. This way you will be able to see how many cigarettes you smoke during the day and how unpleasant the sight and smell of cigarette butts are.
  • Check the packaging to see how much tar and nicotine the cigarettes you usually smoke contain. Change the brand of cigarettes you smoke each week to one that contains less of these substances. Remember, however, that there are no safe cigarettes and that heavy and long-lasting smoking with less harmful substances is not indifferent to your health.
  • Don’t stack cigarettes. Buy another pack of cigarettes only when you have nothing to smoke. Never buy cigarettes in cardboard boxes.


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