You can be proud of your membership in the American Academy of Medical Administrators (AAMA).

Through membership, you display a commitment to healthcare delivery throughout North America and the world. It means that you have accomplished a high level of excellence professionally and as a manager/executive in a major decision-making role. By advancing within the Academy, you attain a level of verified prominence in the healthcare field.

Members, after four years, may apply for the prestigious status of Fellow. Members are also eligible to earn, by examination, the designation of credentialed Member or Fellow of the American Academy of Medical Administrators (CAAMA or CFAAMA). After one year of Fellowship, members may also earn the designation of Diplomate in Healthcare Administration. Fellowship advisors are available to help guide applicants for advancement through this process.

If you have any questions regarding advancement opportunities or criteria, please contact the Academy’s Membership Director Ginger Burns at (847) 759-8601 or [email protected]

    bluemarb-1010722      Advancement from Member to Fellow
    bluemarb-1010722      Advancement from Fellow to Diplomate
    bluemarb-1010722      Designation as Credentialed Member or Fellow of the American

         Academy ofMedical Administrators (CAAMA or CFAAMA)