Are doctors and nurses doing well?


Coronavirus in Bulgaria: are doctors and nurses doing well?
During the coronavirus crisis, dozens of doctors in Bulgaria resigned. Hospitals do not have sufficient protective clothing, equipment and necessary training. The state threatens them with fines. Who’s right?

Cancellations during pandemics. Bulgarian doctors and nurses quit their jobs due to lack of adequate protective equipment and skills against covid-19. The case of the second city hospital is indicative. Medical experts do not agree with the proposal to convert it into an infectious. The number of applications for leave is now 85. – Specialist infectious diseases for years does not set foot here-explains the doctor from the hospital.

The hands of medics bend

Is it right-without sufficient protective clothing, without equipment and without the necessary training-for doctors and nurses to be thrown to the front against the virus?

There is no dilemma for the state, and the answer is clear: the draft law on the state of emergency amends the Criminal Code (Article 141) and provides for harsher penalties (probation of up to 1 year or a fine of BGN 300 to 1000 ) for a medical person who does not provide assistance during an “epidemic, pandemic or emergency related to death”.

Separately, the authorities fined “unresponsive” family doctors, ignoring the fact that in many cases, for example in Varna, doctors were forced by the local emergency command to visit patients with suspected covid-19 and take samples with materials at hand, without having the necessary protection against the virus.

Minister of health Kiril, for his part, pointed to the Hippocratic oath as an argument that health workers should continue to work. But what is this oath? . In addition to the fact that science continues to question even the authorship of this document, which probably comes from V or IV wpne, it actually says: “I recommend patients appropriate mode according to the knowledge of his will protect them all harmful things. The words “according to their knowledge” show that the duty of doctors is not absolute and unconditional. Its implementation must be in accordance with the preparation, with the circumstances.


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