European health workers


The programme is not just an ad hoc solution to the coronavirus crisis. Hospitals across the EU will be better prepared to meet future healthcare challenges with more trained health professionals.

According to him, health professionals in Europe would like the course to be available as long as possible.

During the coronavirus crisis, the EU learned many lessons from cooperation, and this is how the idea of a European health union was born. EU countries will work more closely on health issues to better prepare for future pandemics, ensure the availability of innovative and affordable medical supplies and improve the prevention, treatment and monitoring of a range of diseases, such as cancer.

The pandemic has revealed the scale of one of the most serious health problems in eastern Europe-a severe shortage of staff, which is the result not only of the demographic problem, but also of the emigration of doctors and nurses. In particular, better working conditions and higher pay are key motivators for doctors to seek work abroad.

  • Salaries of doctors

The remuneration of doctors in Germany depends not only on the position and specialization, but also on where the doctor works: in a university, private or public hospital or in his own office.

  • Salaries of nurses

Nurses and carers receive a salary during training, which increases from year to year. Also in Germany there is a shortage of workers Although high salaries attract many foreign workers, there is also a serious shortage of medical staff in Germany.


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