Tips for everyone on how to protect mental health during an epidemic


The current epidemic situation and the related changes in social functioning can significantly affect our well-being, causing anxiety and fear. During this period, we should take care of both our physical and mental health. Check how to take care of your well-being and where to seek help in the event of a deterioration in mental health.

Don’t let too much information worsen your mood

Although it may seem that in the current situation it is necessary to be up-to-date, constant exposure to repeated, disturbing information can worsen our mental state. It is enough if you check the messages appearing on the official websites of the Ministry of Health or the Chief Sanitary Inspector once or twice a day. Take breaks from social media and news sites – especially if you feel that you are building up anxiety and fear.

Use reliable sources of knowledge. Do not believe and do not spread the so-called fake news (false information). Before you forward the received in the so-called chain, check that the information it contains is correct.

Adapt the amount and type of information about an outbreak to your well-being and needs. Some information can improve your mood – try to find it and use it to build your mental resilience and that of those around you at this difficult time for everyone.


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