Do you dream of a beautiful, muscular figure? You eat for five and your body still doesn’t look the way you want it? Here are 8 quick tips to help you build your dream muscle mass. See for yourself that it’s not that hard to build!

Strength training with a load – you have to get used to training with a heavy load. You want to build mass, so your training should be mainly about lifting heavy weights. It’s hard to imagine someone who is well-muscled, but only exercises with light weights. Also remember to rest during exercise. You can take 1-3 minutes breaks between sets.

Add weight – try to increase the load from training to training. You can strive to break your records in the gym, thanks to which your muscle mass will increase. Set goals to achieve, set an action plan, it will be a good motivation for you that will contribute to the growth of your muscles.

Diet – is the most important element in building muscle mass. You must remember that a properly balanced diet promotes muscle growth. By providing too few calories to your body, you will never get it. Your body needs more calories than usual when building muscle mass. It’s a good idea to go to someone who can help you put together your bodybuilding diet.

Basic exercises – these are powerlifting exercises: squats with a barbell, deadlifts and bench press. Thanks to these exercises, you will support the development and building of muscle mass.

Recovery – Muscles need rest to grow. Remember that muscles need 24 to 48 hours of rest after intense training. It is during rest that muscles grow. You should also remember to provide the body with an adequate dose of sleep.

Calories – an essential element in building muscle mass is a caloric surplus. You should remember to provide your body with the supplements it needs. For example, a person weighing 80 kg often needs 3000kcal, another person weighing the same needs 3500kcal to build mass at the same time. Diet and dietary supplements provide the caloric surplus. The more calories you burn, the more you need to eat to build up mass.

Routine – try not to fall into a routine in the gym. Change your training or exercise plan from time to time. Try to vary your workouts. Your body and mind will adjust to the order of the exercises after a while, so it’s important to avoid this.


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