Supplements available on the market to support training


Supplementation – The strongest, safe and legal supplement is creatine along with a protein, carbohydrate-protein or amino acid supplement (check on the Sports Forum). Depending on your needs, you can choose various supplements with different protein content.

Another very popular supplement is the branched chain amino acids BCAA, which consists of three main amino acids: leucine, isoleucine and valine. This is called fuel for muscles, which works best during intense workouts. A supplement necessary for muscle regeneration is glutamine. There are tons of other muscle nutrients out there, but it’s best to ask your trainer about them.

It would seem that tips on how to build muscle mass are no longer needed by anyone. The topic seems exhausted and obvious. After all, a positive caloric balance, carbohydrate and protein, and sufficiently intense training should be enough. Not completely. There can be many reasons for problems with gaining muscle mass.

Don’t get too heavy
The basic mistake, both in terms of reduction and weight, is weighing too often. Twice a week is enough for us, and even this may not translate into reality. After all, the bathroom scale itself will not tell us whether our gain is muscle or unwanted fat.

Building muscle mass and further steps (both dietary and training) should be based on the measurement of fat and muscles in the body. Only the certainty that the muscles are growing will allow us to conclude that everything is going according to plan.

Make adjustments to your training plan and diet
Based on the observations and measurements of body weight you have made, you should create an appropriate diet yourself or with the help of a dietitian and adjust the training. The achieved results will show you what works and what you should change.

Don’t skip exercises for the weakest muscle part
Many of us prefer to do well-liked, proven exercises that guarantee our success. When reaching for a set for a less developed part of the body, we get discouraged quickly because we take less weights.

However, it is the work on the weaknesses that should affect a large part of our training. After all, without equalizing the level between individual muscle fibers, we will not be able to achieve broadly understood progress and a perfect figure, and only a body with a disproportion of individual parts.


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