Have we really started to pay more attention to nutrition in the face of the threat posed by the pandemic?


54% of Polish women declare that they care about their health through healthy eating. In addition, more than a third of it is fun. Cooking for yourself and loved ones in a pandemic has taken on a new dimension, an area where women derive a lot of satisfaction and pride in themselves.

Of course, the definitions of healthy eating vary widely. For some it will be perfectly balanced meals, with good proportions of protein, carbohydrates and fats, for others eggs from a trusted lady from the village or vegetables from their own plot, others choose food with ecological certificates. Still others recognize that only a meatless diet can be called fully healthy.

Polish women do not like when their competences in the field of healthy eating are questioned, and they often treat differences of opinion as a criticism of their own approach to cooking. Almost all women like to think of themselves as nourishing themselves and their families in a healthy and sensible way. Healthy eating is also helped by the fashion for conscious buying of food products and healthy cooking, which is becoming increasingly popular and has a positive effect on both the health and well-being of Polish women.

Polish women are aware that physical activity is one of the pillars of a healthy lifestyle. Playing sports for health is declared by 52 percent. of respondents, but only half of this group mentions having pleasure from it.

Physical activity is not just a sport. In fact, slightly more than half of Polish women declare that they practice sports for their health, but 76% exercise outdoors. Not all Polish women enjoy exercise, but the mere fact that they can be persuaded to do so nevertheless inspires respect and is a good prognosis for the upcoming winter months.


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