CAAMA STUDY GUIDE – Reading Material


1. Finance and Accounting

  • *Berger, Steven. Fundamentals of Healthcare Financial Management. Burr Ridge: McGraw-Hill Healthcare Education Group, 1999
  • Gapenski, Louis C. Financial Analysis & Decision Making for Healthcare
    Burr Ridge: McGraw-Hill Healthcare Education Group, 1996.

2. Organization and Governance

  • Griffith, John R. The Well-Managed Community Hospital. Chicago: Health Administration Press, 1992.
  • *Rakich, Jonathon S., Beaufort B. Longest, Jr., & Kurt Darr.  Managing Health Services Organizations (3rd Edition). Baltimore: Health Professions Press, 1992.
  • *Long, Michael J.  Health and Healthcare in the United States. Chicago: Health Administration Press, 1998.

3. Health Care Information Systems

  • *Davis, Michael W. Computerizing Healthcare Information: Developing Electronic Patient Information Systems. Burr Ridge: McGraw-Hill Healthcare Education Group, 1998.
  • Glaser, John P., Ph.D. and Leslie Hsu, MPH. The Strategic Application of Information Technology in Healthcare Organizations. Burr Ridge: McGraw-Hill, 1999.

4. Quantitative Analysis and Assessment

  • *Bauer, Jeffery C.  Statistical Analysis for Decision Makers in Healthcare: Understanding & Evaluating Critical Information in a Competitive Market. Burr Ridge: McGraw-Hill, 1996. 
  • Rice, Thomas.  The Economics of Health Reconsidered. Chicago: Health Administration Press, 1998.

5. Legal and Ethical

  • Darr, Kurt.  Ethics in Health Services Management (3rdEdition). Baltimore: Health Professions Press, 1997.
  • Harris, Dean M.  Healthcare Law and Ethics: Issues for the Age of Managed Care. Chicago: Health Administration Press, 1999.

6. Managed Care

  • *Kongstvedt, Peter R. Essentials of Managed Health Care. Gaithersburg: Aspen Publishers, Inc., 1995.
  • Russell, John A.  Managed Care Essentials: A Book of Readings. Chicago: Health Administration Press, 2000.

7. Quality

  • Stamatis, D.H. Total Quality Management in Healthcare: Implementation Strategies for Optimum Results. Burr Ridge: McGraw Hill Healthcare Education Group, 1996.