How to measure the temperature correctly?


In some patients, however, there is a situation where their temperature deviates from both the norm and the criteria for hypothermia – then it can simply be said that they have too low body temperature. there is a measurement error.

It may simply turn out that the patient has taken his temperature for too short a time or that the thermometer simply does not adhere to his body surface sufficiently. To exclude the above-mentioned situations, it is best to simply repeat the measurement with a proven thermometer and make sure that all conditions for correct body temperature measurement are met.

Some people still find their temperature below normal after verifying that there has been no error. Both external and internal factors can lead to such a state.

Doctors recommend taking temperature measurements first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach, immediately after waking up. It should be noted that they may be slightly different each day. Moreover, it is worth noting that slightly higher results may be obtained from measuring the temperature in the ear or rectum than after taking the measurement in the armpit. And what does it mean if the reduced temperature lasts a long time and affects every part of the body?


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