Strategic Partnership Platinum


Platinum Level — $30,000 for a 2-year Term

Greater visibility for your company at AAMA conferences:

  • Complimentary exhibit booth at our March and November conferences.
  • First choice on exhibit booth assignments.
  • complimentary meal attendance at our March and November conferences to network with attendees.
  • A custom-designed plaque to display in your exhibit booth reflecting your company’s level of contribution.
  • Printed acknowledgement in conference brochures.
  • Printed acknowledgement in conference workvooks.
  • Complimentary meeting room to host a focus group at annual conferences.
  • Special signage at AAMA conferences.
  • A 15% discount on all conference event sponsorship opportunities.

Educational opportunities for your company representatives:

  • Free registration for educational sessions at our annual conferences.

Greater visibility for your company on the AAMA Website:

  • A hyper-link from our website to your company’s website.
  • Publication of press releases on the AAMA website.

Greater visibility for your company through AAMA member communications and member recognition programs:

  • Publication of press releases in the AAMA Executive.
  • Special listings of “Strategic Partners” in every issue of AAMa publications.
  • Complimentary subscriptions to the AAMA Executive.
  • Complimentary sponsorship of one of AAMA’s prestigious annual awards.

Unique influence on AAMA educational and corporate sponsorship programs:

  • One seat on our Corporate Sponsor Committee.
  • One seat on our Education Committee.

Special access to AAMA members for your company’s tailored communications:

  • Complete roster of registered attendees e-mailed to your contact person 3 weeks prior to the conference.
  • Updated roster of registered attendees provided 2 weeks after the conference.
  • A complete listing of the AAMA membership>


  • First opportunity to renew Platinum Level Status, limited to 15 corporations.

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