Benefits of Membership

The Federal Sector of the American Academy of Medical Administrators is a professional association of healthcare leaders in the Uniformed Services and the Department of Veteran’s Affairs healthcare field. You will have the opportunity to participate in the development of the field of management related to federal leadership.

For those healthcare leaders that are currently serving in a management position in the federal sector, you are eligible to join the American Academy of Medical Administrators and simultaneously be a member of the federal sector of the Academy. The dues you pay to AAMA includes your federal membership. You will receive all the benefits that the Academy provides, plus special benefits tailormade to our federal members.

Your membership in a professional healthcare association provides many opportunities for you to relate to other disciplines and levels of management. These valuable local, regional, and national contacts afford you networking benefits to increase your knowledge of career options, advance your current performance as a healthcare leader, and also in the upward mobility of your career. Examples of such networking include your presence at the AAMA Annual Conference and Convocation, national meetings of the Federal Council, and local meetings in your state or region.

You receive a tuition discount for any local, regional, or national education program conducted by the American Academy of Medical Administrators. As you advance in your career and develop special knowledge and experience that will be of value to your peers, you will have the opportunity to be a sneaker at these programs This provides many advantages for your exposure through your networking experiences. Contact hours for continuing education are provided to all affiliates through the AAMA Research & Educational Foundation, Inc.

You have a large array of opportunities to be as professionally active as you wish within the Federal Council and AAMA through your participation as a Board Member, Committee Chairperson, Committee Member, AAMA Regional Director, AAMA State Director, and numerous other official opportunities. You can be a leader in the organization of a regional or state educational conference which will allow for the exchange of information among members so that they may develop solutions in dealing with the management concerns of healthcare executives in the federal sector

You will receive, as part of your membership dues, the quarterly publication of the Academy entitled the Executive, which highlights local and national healthcare administration activities and information, presents articles of timely importance and regularly features affiliates and their achievements. You will be encouraged to prepare articles for submission to this publication which creates further opportunities for your present and future career aspirations. Editorial Board memberships are available for federal affiliates.

The American Academy of Medical Administrators recognizes Academy affiliates and members of all its chapters by having an outstanding system of awards which are presented at the AAMA Annual Conference and Convocation

The American Academy of Medical Administrators is the only professional healthcare association, that pioneered as members, healthcare leaders in all functional areas and at all levels of management from department head through chief executive officer.

Federal Sector Annual Awards

The following award is granted each year to an Academy member based on nominations from our members.

  • Federal Council Award for Leadership in honor of CAPT Thaddeus F. Levandowski FAAMA


* We believe the management of healthcare should provide an environment for delivering with dignity and human concern the maximum level of patient care.

* We are committed to having an association that melds the present with the future healthcare executives. This provides the fundamental basis for encouraging the participation of managers at every career stage in the activities and governance of their Academy.

* We recognize the multiplicity of health system models including voluntary nonprofit organizations, investor owned institutions and various alternative delivery systems working in a competitive and regulated environment.

* We profess that our central focus is proving services that meet the present and future professional needs of our affiliates.

* We are committed to the Academy’s Code of Ethics which promotes ethical standards in the practice of medical administration


The mission of the American Academy of Medical Administrators, a not for profit society of healthcare professionals, is to develop and refine concepts and practices in the field of healthcare administration and to promote the advancement of its members in knowledge, professional development, credentialing and personal achievements through continuing education and research in healthcare management.


* The role of the American Academy of Medical Administrators is to serve healthcare management at all levels, within all types of health organizations. We are the only national health association serving the entire field at all levels of management and administration.

* In fulfilling our role, we will serve the entire health sector, civilian, military, veteran affairs, and public health service, along with state and local governmental health organizations. In addition, we will support, develop and advance administrative practices in healthcare delivery organizations.

* We will provide a forum for the discussion and study of topics of mutual interest among healthcare professionals and the management of healthcare facilities and organizations.

* We will identify the emerging middle managers who form the nucleus from which tomorrow’s executives will the develop.

Continuing Education

The AAMA presents national, regional and local education conferences and seminars throughout the United States each year. All such programs are accredited (for CEUs) by the American Academy of Medical Administrators Research and Education Foundation, Inc.

Strategic focus of the Federal Sector

* Provide a broad range of quality membership services designed to enhance the professional excellence of federal healthcare managers and provide opportunities for leadership roles that improve national healthcare delivery systems. Expand the awards program to recognize superior contributions by members of federal service organizations. Establish a communications network for federal affiliates. Establish a clearing house for information on finances, insurance, purchases and other matters of personal interest to federal affiliates.

* Establish dynamic programs, marketing opportunities and recruiting promotions. Involve senior federal affiliates in mentoring. Encourage participation at the regional, state and local levels in educational activities. Develop master plan for world-wide recruitment of membership.

* Provide educational opportunities that facilitate professional and personal development. Develop a credentialing process that responds to the needs of federal healthcare administrators. Develop and promote potential internship positions at federal medical facilities. Offer educational programs at a state and local level. Encourage participation in educational programs and contributions to journals to share knowledge. Support research in the federal healthcare management discipline.

* Plan for the continuation of the annual Federal Day Program in conjunction with the Annual Conference and Convocation of the American Academy of Medical Administrators held in November of each year.