Sessions for Friday March 16, 2001 AM

8:30 – 10:15 am Opening General Session

Keynote – Batteries Not Included

Bobbie Staten, RN, MPH, CSP
Motivator & Humorist, Apex, NC

Charge your batteries while learning to work smart, work together and fall in love with your job again. A healthcare professional whose focus is the balance of life, Bobbie’s presentations are popular with professional healthcare groups. Here’s the jump-start you’ve been missing!

10:45 – 11:45 am Concurrent Sessions

Human Relations Track:
Work Made Fun… Gets Things Done: Creating and Managing an Employee Friendly Work Environment

Jeffrey N. Doucette, RN, MS, CEN Director, Emergency Services Medical Center of Arlington

Arlington, TX

Developing strong work teams takes more than a wish and a prayer! Here’s how to turn the hopeless into the highly motivated, based on successful industry models you can adapt in your own facility.

Finance & Business Development Track:
Marketing To Enhance Profitability

Phyllis Marino Director of Marketing Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Cleveland, OH

William R. Gombeski, Jr., MBA, MPH Director of Marketing Yale-New Haven Hospital

New Haven, CT

How do you effectively market your primary product lines to grow income, generate a positive halo for your organization, and differentiate yourself from your competitors? Here’s how to develop, organize, implement and manage a product line marketing effort for your operation, enhancing its financial success.

Hot Topics in Cardiovascular Administration

Participate in facilitated roundtables on key issues affecting the profession, based on input from a wide range of practicing cardiovascular administrators.

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