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Obligations relating to preventive health care for workers

In the field of health care for employees, the applicable provisions are the labour code and the regulation of the minister of health and social welfare on conducting medical examinations of employees. The employer may not allow an employee to work without a current medical certificate that there are no contraindications to work in a particular position.

The exception is persons admitted to work again with the same employer or to a position with the same working conditions within 30 days after the termination or termination of the previous employment relationship with this employer, and persons admitted to work with another employer within 30 days after the termination or termination of the employment relationship, if they present a current medical, that these conditions correspond to those existing in the position in question, this does not apply to persons admitted to perform particularly dangerous work.

The scope of research is contained in the methodological guidelines, which are Annex 1 to the regulation of the minister of health and social welfare and is dependent on the risks present in the position, the positions in which the employee is to be employed. For this purpose, the employer is obliged to inform the doctor providing preventive health care for employees about the presence of harmful factors or aggravating conditions, including the results of tests and measurements carried out by the employer in the working environment.

Referral for preliminary examinations is issued by the employer. In the referral, the employer should include:

  • determining what is the initial, periodic, follow-up study),
  • specify the job position in which the person will be recruited.
  • If she will work in severalpositions, indicate all of them in the order corresponding to the needs of the plant,
  • information on hazards present at the station (factors present at the station).

The risks should be identified by the employer in the manner indicated in the annex to the regulation of the minister of health and social welfare that is, by indicating the harmful or onerous factors, the type of work performed (e.g. physical work with a certain expenditure of energy, work at height, at decision-making positions related to responsibility), or the way of performing the work (requiring movements of monotypic limbs, forced position).