Low body temperature: causes


Low body temperature may be a pseudo-condition due to incorrect measurement, neurological disease, endocrine disease, malnutrition, or a side effect of certain medications. Lowering body temperature may also appear in children, and then it should always arouse vigilance, as it may be a symptom of even a life-threatening infection for a small patient. Find out what other causes of low body temperature can be.

What does lower body temperature mean?

A low body temperature can have many causes. The values in the range from 36.4 to 37 ° C are assumed to be the correct human body temperature. However, the given range is indicative – the temperature standards differ depending on where the body temperature is measured (different standards apply to measurements in the rectum, and different temperature measurements under the armpit or inside the oral cavity).

In the case of temperature, one hears most often about its increase, i.e. fever. There is also a possibility of the opposite situation, i.e. a drop in body temperature below normal. This condition can be described as hypothermia and can be diagnosed when the body temperature drops below 35 ° C.


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