Home remedies for celiac disease.


Celiac disease, also known as celiac disease, most often appears in childhood and young adults. The intolerance to the proteins contained in the grains of popularly cultivated cereals gives a number of clinical symptoms. People suffering from it can prevent worse complications from occurring through a proper diet. Therefore, what is worth knowing about proper nutrition and the prevention of celiac disease.

The causes of celiac disease
Celiac disease was once considered an allergic disease and closely related to the inappropriate introduction of gluten into the nutrition of infants. Its significant prophylaxis is still considered to be the gradual introduction of small amounts of gluten in the form of gluten pastes at 5-6 months of age in breastfed infants and not earlier than 5 months and at the end of 6 months in infants fed with modified milk.

The presence of celiac disease largely determines the genetic basis. It is believed that first-degree relatives are approximately ten times more likely to get the disease than the general population. A characteristic feature of celiac disease that helps in its diagnosis is an innate tendency to produce antibodies to tissue transglutaminase, anti-gliadin and anti-endomism. Their presence contributes to the atrophy of the small intestine villi responsible for the absorption of food. Testing the level of antibodies is also useful for monitoring compliance with the diet of sick people.


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